Long trips

Telemark backcountry skiing on Mt. Shasta (4317 m) in California

Mt. Shasta is the highest volcano in California and popular backcountry destination in Northern California which provides a lot of various terrains for skiers at any level. This year California experiences serious lack of snow, so Mt. Shasta is one of the few reasonably accessible places one can ski this spring.

Ski Kamchatka 2013 - first ski descend from volcano Bakening (2278 m)

First days of May during the trip Ski Kamchatka 2013 – overview of our activities in April-May 2013 we spent in the area of volcano Bakening (2278 m). According to known sources, we were the first skiers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in this area. We reached the summit in a group of eight people and followingly skied down.

Ski Kamchatka 2013 - overview of our activities in April-May 2013

We have returned from excellent skialpinism trip (April 25 – May 12) to Kamchatka-peninsula in May 12. From the skiing point of view the trip was excellent, as we did not use ski boot only during our departure back to Europe in May 12. Besides the fact, that the weather was not mostly pleasant, we succeed with four higher active and non-active volcanos, and with many smaller peaks. Some results: probably the first skiing from volcano Bakening (2278 m), Slovak men & women first skiing + Czech women first skiing from volcano Korjakskij (3456 m), etc. The trip was prepared by MountainSki.cz & Společnost Medici.

Heliskiing & heli asisted skitouring in British Columbia in April 2013

We have been in British Columbia, Canada, from March 28 to April 8O. We stayed at CMH Galena lodge, where our task was to do heliski & heli asisted skitouring. Why CMH Galena lodge? -„Challenging terrain for strong, experienced skiers & boarders only“. We can confirm, that terrains are perfect there. This trip was supported by Společnost Medici.

Skialpinism trip to Kamchatka in April-May 2013

An international group of Czechs, Slovaks and Russians will go to Kamchatka-peninsula in the period of April 25 – May 12, 2013. We have mainly focused with our skis on volcanos in the north and south from Avacha bay. Secondly, we climb smaller peaks around, warm-up in some hot springs and eat some salmons. This is our fourth skialpinism trip to Kamchatka-peninsula. This trip is supported by: Tilak, Boatpark, Voda hory, Quillcz.cz and Spolecnost Medici.