Fasten shoes with damaged shoe sole into binding Dynafit Tech

There is nice article Prevent Damage to Boot — Improper Use of Tech Bindings with photo of significantly damaged shoe around holes for pins of Dynafit Tech binding at website Shoes with proper shoe sole is almost impossible to damage in such a way, but if you shoe sole is damaged, it can be very easy.

There is a hole in the shoe after a moment of inattention
There is a hole in the shoe after a moment of inattention

Above mentioned article at
shows damage of shoe by inproper step into Dynafit Tech binding, which had to be booted from the tilted axis to skis. This has to be impossible during normal use, but great damage of the front part of shoe sole can cause is easily. I have met this with older models of ski-touring shoes Dynafit TLT 4, which have divided front part of sole into two parts. If these shoes are used only in ideal snow conditions, no damage can happen to the soles. On the other hand, if you have to walk to snow on rocks, stones, etc. or you climb during you ski trips also on rock and ice, the front part of the shoe sole can be easily damaged and lost.

Repeating attempts to fasten shoes into Dynafit Tech binding cause their damage
Repeating attempts to fasten shoes into Dynafit Tech binding cause their damage

Here the damage to the shoe Dynafit TLT 4 was created as a result of fall during skiing couloir. Before stepping into the binding there was part of the shoe sole lost in the deep snow. Several attempts to step into the binding were not successful because the shoe sole need for closing binding was completely missing.

Shoe with proper front shoe sole
Shoe with proper front shoe sole

Procedure to step into binding Dynafit Tech with a damaged toe shoe soles:

  1. rotate heel of binding for normal walking mode
  2. step with heel of shoe into binding
  3. lean towards the tip binding
  4. lift the toe of boot to the recovery of metal spikes were just above the pins of binding
  5. pulling on the safety belt or a switch to turn on shoe into the binding
  6. swich toe and heel of binding into your next activity

Undamaged shoe from other side
Undamaged shoe from other side

Procedure to repair damaged shoe sole onto shoe Dynafit TLT 4:

  1. try to find the lost toe shoe sole, and take them back to civilization with you
  2. try to dry them, degreas and glue it with suitable adhesive for a combination of plastic-rubber and let dry completely
  3. if the sole piece can not be find it is best to bring the damaged shoe to repair shoes, preferably with unbroken shoe, so shoemaker has draft as it should look like and how tall the front of the soles
  4. the shoemaker precisely arranged to make sure he understands what we really want – personally happened to me that the shoemaker looked like he understoods everything, but when I came for repaired shoe the sole on undamaged shoe was taken away and exchanged to new one! Rubbers on both shoes were significantly higher, so that boots could not be fastened into the Dynafit Tech binding at all. To enable fastening again I had to cut out by knife part of the top shoe sole and grind it.

Similar situation with destroyed toe soles may occur if the sole is very worn – as with trekking boots. Then, you must use the above described fastening of shoes into Dynafit Tech binding.

New toe of shoe sole on shoe Dynafit TLT 4
New toe of shoe sole on shoe Dynafit TLT 4

View from left
View from left

Detail of double layer sole
Detail of double layer sole

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