A film about our trip SKI KAMCHATKA 2013

A short documentary about our Kamchatka ski trip in April/May 2013 – produced by Kuchynské štúdio in September 2014.

Girls' trip to volcano Gorelyj (1892 m) at Kamchatka in July 2013

Our group consisting of four girls and three dogs had started the trip to volcano Gorelyj (1892 m) on Friday, July 19 / just after the end of work. We approached pass near volcano Viljučinskij (2173 m) at about 6 p.m., little descended and set up our camp next to two lakes.

A lot of skiers at volcano Kozelskij (2189 m) at Kamchatka, Oct 17, 2010

Ivan Starichkov organized a big group of skiers and snowboarders to reach volcano Kozelskij (2189 m) in October, 17, 2010. We met near shopping centre „Planet“ at 8.00 a.m., where gruzovik loaded us.

Second ski day at Kamchatka in season 2010-2011, October 10, volcano Gorelij (1829 m)

From the first ski day of the 2010–2011 season on 7 February (The Kamchatka began a new ski season in Kozelskij volcano (2189 m) October 7, 2010), only passed a couple of days, and 10 October we set off south for Avacha bay. Our goal is the volcano Gorelyj (1829 m).

New ski season at Kamchatka started at volcano Kozelskij (2189 m), October 7, 2010

On Thursday October 7, 2010 our group consisting of Ivan Starikov (Salomon), Alexei Visnjakov and Aljona Denshchik started a new winter ski season 2010–2011 in the area of volcano Kozelskij (2189–2250 m).

Without skins with skins to Pacific ocean - Skialpinism trip Kamchatka 2009

A lot of requests from fans of my memoirs I have decided to write other story from skialpinism trip Kamchatka 2009. Today's theme will be very interesting – Czech group landed at Kamchatka and we went on skis to Pacific ocean.

Skialpinism of Slovakian group at volcano Kozelskij (2250 m) at Kamchatka 2009

Russian vodka. I think, that trip Kamchatka 2009 started nicely. During flight in business class of Aerfoflot (thank you to travel agency www.tucan.sk for incredible price) we became good friends with vodka. Whole trip is described at: Skialpinism at Kamchatka 2009 – list of articles and photos. Trip was supported by KAMA, Voda hory, Tilak, Quill-outdoor, www.lacnyskialp.sk and Baston.