First experience with skis Movement Iki obtained at Kamchatka

During trip Skialpinism at Kamchatka 2009 – list of articles, photos and results I had new model of skis Movement Iki – length 168 cm. Instead of skis presented on official web Movement for season 2008–2009 there are changes in construction and graphic design at Movement Iki  – details are in previous article New skis Movement for 2009–2010.

Usage of crampons on new skialpinism binding Diamir Eagle during the trip to Kamchatka

During skialpinism trip Skialpinism at Kamchatka 2009 – list of articles, photos and results I had new skis Movement Iki (length 168 cm) – New skis Movement for 2009–2010 s namontovaným novým vázáním na rok 2009–2010 New binding for skialpinism Fritschi Diamir Eagle. Binding was changed significantly and first experience with its usage are described in article První zkušenosti s novým vázáním Diamir Eagle získány na Kamčatce. Crampons for this binding and its attaching to binding Diamir Eagle are new too. This article describes what to do with crampons.

New skis Movement for 2009-2010

Swiss freeride ski company Movement is not necessary to introduce to majority of skialpinists and freeriders, as Movement Skis are already famous worldwide. There are still overview of skis 2008–2009 on the Movement internet pages, whereas there are new models in printed catalogue for season 2009–2010.

Should be Dynafit afraided of competitors in bindings?

It looks, that with ending patent rights for binding Dynafit TLT a lot of competitors bindings want to reach the ski-touring market. G3 Onyx was the first announced binding in the Czech Republic at the end of 2008. Binding Ski Trab TR1 was introduced at this year ISPO 2009. Another solution ATK RACE was up now completely not known for me. There are also big expectation from Black Diamond and its production in China.

New binding for skialpinism Fritschi Diamir Eagle

München ISPO 2009 presented new bindings for alpin tour – Diamir Eagle. This bindigs complete replaces series Diamir Explore. And what about us in this new world will practically ski?

Muse and valuation of binding NAXO NX21

I have been using this binding for last season on my K2 Seth’s and now it’s time to reviewed it. I bought it last year because of good results on freeskiing websites and also good experiences of freeskiers all around the world, which I read in comments on pages.

G3 Climbing skins - troubles with trimming and storing (all models)

The purpose of this article is not to blame G3 (although some reservations could be found), but to point out certain troubles and shortcomings in included user's guide, troubles you will face in case of trimming skins on your own with provided tools (applies to all current versions of G3 climbing skins). Original trimming tool was described in Czech at Ořez carvingových tuleních pásů – G3 Trim Tool.

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