Ski Kamchatka 2013 - short videos by Pažout

Pažout ( had used his mobile phone during our skialpinism trip Ski Kamchatka 2013 – overview of our activities in April-May 2013 mostly for taking videos. First short videos are here.

Overview of the winter season 2012-2013

Marie did a nice overview of her activities in the mountains during the last year (Děvče z hor – Bilance roku 2012), so I try shortly to do the same with the winter skialpinism and ski season 2012–2013. I was skiing on three continents and in April skied first in Canada and then in Kamchatka-peninsula. This winter was just excellent!

Ski Kamchatka 2013 - overview of our activities in April-May 2013

We have returned from excellent skialpinism trip (April 25 – May 12) to Kamchatka-peninsula in May 12. From the skiing point of view the trip was excellent, as we did not use ski boot only during our departure back to Europe in May 12. Besides the fact, that the weather was not mostly pleasant, we succeed with four higher active and non-active volcanos, and with many smaller peaks. Some results: probably the first skiing from volcano Bakening (2278 m), Slovak men & women first skiing + Czech women first skiing from volcano Korjakskij (3456 m), etc. The trip was prepared by & Společnost Medici.

We were five: Haute Route by EUROwoman's heart

Editorial Recollections. – 12:39 pm Email received: „Do you want to go on the Haute Route?“ 12:40 pm: „Yeah“. 12:41 pm, wait; let me think about this, I have NO: money, time, equipment and physical condition. However, it has always been a dream for everyone even if they kept it to themselves. In January I learned that it's pronounced Ótrůt in case I still wanted to say that to someone. The whole business plan is only spoiled by Internet voting for potential participants and whether they would take / invite women, especially someone like myself.

Heliskiing & heli asisted skitouring in British Columbia in April 2013

We have been in British Columbia, Canada, from March 28 to April 8O. We stayed at CMH Galena lodge, where our task was to do heliski & heli asisted skitouring. Why CMH Galena lodge? -„Challenging terrain for strong, experienced skiers & boarders only“. We can confirm, that terrains are perfect there. This trip was supported by Společnost Medici.

Skialpinism trip to Kamchatka in April-May 2013

An international group of Czechs, Slovaks and Russians will go to Kamchatka-peninsula in the period of April 25 – May 12, 2013. We have mainly focused with our skis on volcanos in the north and south from Avacha bay. Secondly, we climb smaller peaks around, warm-up in some hot springs and eat some salmons. This is our fourth skialpinism trip to Kamchatka-peninsula. This trip is supported by: Tilak, Boatpark, Voda hory, and Spolecnost Medici.

Avalanche Course was excellent in Malá Fatra in March 2013

In the middle of March 2013 there was a basic avalanche course in Malá Fatra (Slovakia), staying at the cottage called Chata pod Chlebom (1423 m). The weather had offered lovely sunny days as well as fresh powder.

The first overview video from our ski trip to Macedonia

The first video from our ski-touring, freeride & snb trip to Macedonia – Makedonie – lyže, board, sněžnice, skialp, 1. až 10. března 2013 made by Hřib.

Ski-touring & snowboard trip to Titov vrv (2748 m) in the Republic of Macedonia

During our winter stay in Macedonia we realized a whole day long trip from Popova Šapka to the second highest Macedonian summit Titov vrv (2748 m) in March 5, 2013. The weather was marvelous – sun, clear sky and almost no wind. Our group consisting of 25 people with ski-touring equipment, snowboards & standard skis met at the bottom station of the double-chairlift. We didn't want to spend time ascending to the summit of Antena, se we used chairlift.

Freeride Sunday in Macedonia, March 3, 2013

We left Brno in the direction to Republic of Macedonia in the evening of March 1, 2013 – Makedonie – lyže, board, sněžnice, skialp, 1. až 10. března 2013. We have reached Popova Šapka in the late afternoon of Saturday.

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