Video skialp

Ski Kamchatka 2013 - short videos by Pažout

Pažout ( had used his mobile phone during our skialpinism trip Ski Kamchatka 2013 – overview of our activities in April-May 2013 mostly for taking videos. First short videos are here.

The first overview video from our ski trip to Macedonia

The first video from our ski-touring, freeride & snb trip to Macedonia – Makedonie – lyže, board, sněžnice, skialp, 1. až 10. března 2013 made by Hřib.

Powder video from Bosnia & Hercegovina at the beginning of February 2013

During the trip Sun & powder ski week in Bosnia & Herzegovina with travel agency CK Alpina, taken place during the first week in Feb 2013 some of us were equipped all the time with GoPro cameras on helmets or in hands. Luděk Šmerda has nicely edited movie. See it here.

Wedge is a wedge - at least in a dream

I have one meteostation at home. Bed one. From the bed I see Malofatranské Krivan and I see the first star on the sky on Turciany's sky. Many of engineers from Višnové village would have corrected that the first star, thus evening star is actually a planet is Venus, but there is the hut Chata na Magure in my dreams, so her lights. okay sometimes anyVenus too.

The forest guys at Šiprún

Non-registered skialpinism group from Višňové is trying to identify the proper day for powder snow orgy in Velka Fatra. This day for currents season was identified to be January 29, 2013. Children were sent to kindergarten without any excuses. In the time, when majority of employeers were led directed by their employers, parents succeed to ski in the fantastic snow conditions. Due to current high-end technology one team member had changed clothes to teletubbies and had tried to catch the best moments of powder skiing.