Easter 2009 in Stubai Alps

My favorite book „Nejkrásnější skitúry“ (“Best 50 ski tours”) contains ski tour Winnebacher Weißkogel (3182mnm), so I chosen this mountain and surrounding area as a target for Easters trip. We spent beautiful 5 days at Winnebachseehütte (2362 m) and Westfalenhaus (2273 m).

Skialpinism trip to Säuleck (3086 m) in March 2009

Weather forecast was quite nice (or at least not very bad) for the weekend, so ve decided to go to Karten again. Our goal was to cross Ankogel (3250m) from West to East. Starting close to Hannover Haus (Ankogelbahn bergstation), Klein Ankogel, Ankogel (3250 m), and then descent to Osnabrucker Hutte.