Wedge is a wedge - at least in a dream

I have one meteostation at home. Bed one. From the bed I see Malofatranské Krivan and I see the first star on the sky on Turciany's sky. Many of engineers from Višnové village would have corrected that the first star, thus evening star is actually a planet is Venus, but there is the hut Chata na Magure in my dreams, so her lights. okay sometimes anyVenus too.

klin from babuocka on Vimeo.

This morning, however my dreams are without the hut and Krivan's are not tilting to me. Everything is under clouds and knocking on the window indicates that it should not be, so they hit the weatherman. There has been a warming itself. It's pouring with rain, so Matúš's children will not push on parents to go outdoor.

At least not me. By some strange inspiration there gets into my mind one západotatranský view time ago and since I have a weather station with the proper IT equipment lying next to my bed, I find it to refreshed ghost in a filmed form. Surprise to find that we were shooting just two years ago, 02–02–11, and it almost completely wake me up, but successfully resisted. As I get a little carried away with the clouds over the Tatras. They carry me to places where there is still powder snow and snow falls in the winter, and there are far-reaching views in the mountains.

Somewhere in the background disappears drops and Venus is coming: o)

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