Ski-touring course for the members of club Hedvábná stezka was excellent in RaxAlpe

There was organized the ski-touring course Skialpinistický kurz pro členy Klubu Hedvábná stezka 25. až 27. ledna 2013 in RaxAlpe at the end of January 2013. We have been focused on all aspects for basic and intermediate ski-touring trips in the mountains without glaciers.

Ski touring trip to Bivaco dela Pause 2780 m just below Monte Castello in the Dolomites

I have participated at Excellent Dynafit Press Event in Italian Dolomites in January 2013 that was located at Rifugio Fanes (2060 m). The goal of the first ski-touring testing trip of all the participantes was Monte Castello up to 2800 m on Friday, January 11.

Skiing in the powder snow in Malá Fatra in January 2013

On Thursday 17, January 2013, bruder and I went for a powder snow and beautiful weather to Malá Fatra. Mirka and Simona from Višňového joined us in Žilina. We continued to the entrance of the one of the south oriented valleys of Malá Fatra, where we parked our car. Weather was simply excellent in the early morning.

Excellent Dynafit Press Event in Italian Dolomites in January 2013

I have participated at Dynafit Press Event that was hold at Rifugio Fanes (2060 m) in January 10–13, 2013. The programme consisted of introduction of a lot of Dynafit news for the following season, for example from boots (fantastic Dynafit TLT6) via skis (models Cho Oyu and Nanga Parbat) up to revolutionary DIN16 binding Dynafit BEAST. There was also the ski-alpinism guru from USA – Lou Dawson

Skialpinism and climbing at the end of 2010 at Tery hut in Slovakian High Tatras

Our combined (ski & climbing) group spent perfect days at Téryho chata (2015 m) in Malá Studená dolina in December 26–30, 2010. The skialpinism and snowboard part of the group consisted of nine people. The weather was quite nice, there were temperatures during the day from –14 to –18 C. The only exception was the last day, when the temperature reached –7 C. There were clear skies except two days.

Powder snow on Sunday December 19 - Knehyne, Certuv Mlyn and near Radegast

Last Sunday before Christmas, December 19th we have been motivated by the celebration of Vseta's birthday to to for other skiing day. Thus, we went in the area of Radhost's massive. Vseta was very optimistic about powder snow and that's why we got up early in the morning. And we did not regret.

Celebration of Vseta's birthday with night skiing on Saturday and snow skiing on Sunday

On the weekend 11th to 12 December 2010 Všeta arranged celebration of his almost anniversary birthday (note, Všeta will be only 25 next year, not 30 years old). As stated in an invitation to his celebration, this year it was just draft version, next year will be full party. The celebration was held at Certik's hut at an altitude of about 830 meters above sea level above the valley Tisňavy at the end of Velké Karlovice.

Ski touring to Chalet La Forcla (2874 m) from Arolla, 13. 12. 2009

Arolla, the first skitour of the season 2009/2010. We were strongly hesitating whether to try or not, because the Meteoswiss promised us clouds, snow precipitations, strong wind and temperatures below –10°C at 2000m. Haha, they were wrong, again! Besides the temperature which was really low, Arolla welcomed us with bright sunshine and perfect powder snow.

Memorial after Christmas 2010 at Teryho chata in High Tatras, 26.-30. 12. 2010

Members of 155. Horolezeckého oddílu Vsetín and friends spend after Christmas winter camp somewhere in High Tatras every year. In the last year we spent fantastic time at trip Chata pod Rysmi v prosinci 2009. This year we decided to visit after several years Téryho chatu (2015 m) in High Tatras – previous trip was excellent Skialpový konec roku 2007 na Téryho chatě ve Vysokých Tatrách.

Patrouille des Glaciers: Towards La Rosablanche (3336 m)

Patrouille des Glaciers (PDG) is a ski mountaineering competition well known all over the Switzerland and recognized even by the non-initiated: Who’s going to win this year? A Swiss team or the French? Or, god forbid, the Italians? The Swiss army fighters fly in sky and draw Helvetian crosses, with intense noise provoking avalanches that might bury some poor buddies skiing outside the protected area…

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