Tips and tricks

Fasten shoes with damaged shoe sole into binding Dynafit Tech

There is nice article Prevent Damage to Boot — Improper Use of Tech Bindings with photo of significantly damaged shoe around holes for pins of Dynafit Tech binding at website Shoes with proper shoe sole is almost impossible to damage in such a way, but if you shoe sole is damaged, it can be very easy.

G3 Climbing skins - troubles with trimming and storing (all models)

The purpose of this article is not to blame G3 (although some reservations could be found), but to point out certain troubles and shortcomings in included user's guide, troubles you will face in case of trimming skins on your own with provided tools (applies to all current versions of G3 climbing skins). Original trimming tool was described in Czech at Ořez carvingových tuleních pásů – G3 Trim Tool.