Snow - programme Čajovna on radio station Český rozhlas 3

Programme Čajovna on radio station Český rozhlas 3 was focused on everything connected with snow on Sunday January 13, 2013. There were two guests – traveller Martin Mykiska and skialpinist Jan Pala.

Support of hut Chata pod Rysmi in High Tatras

Viktor Beránek announced at site Chaty pod Rysmi (2250 m) possibility for financial funding to finish rebuilding of hut Chata pod Rysmi. He presented it with his excellent style, so I immediately sent him 100 EUR on his account.

XXI. Pelikan seminar was full of interesting lectures, October 16, 2010

XXI. Pelikánův seminář Společnosti Horské medicíny s podtitulem „Aktuální problémy horské medicíny“ was organized in pension Hájenka near the Seč dam from Oct 15 to Oct 17, 2010. As I was in Germany on Friday, I could not see presentation „Doctors of Mountaineering Association and mountain medicine“ that started at 8 p.m.

PowderLine calendar 2011

Bunch freeriders around site brings you a calendar for 2011! Photos of resorts across Europe carefully selected and incorporated into the calendar. Order quickly, because it is disappearing very quickly!

Skiing and snowboarding with CK Alpina at Balkans, Ukraine and Austria

This year CK Alpina, for which I work as a guide, has extended its traditional range of winter holidays on Ukraine and the Balkans an entirely new ski areas in the Austria and Slovenia. Maybe you have your favourite resorts and slopes, but why not try something new this year?