Practical experiences with ski-touring binding G3 Onyx

As a long time user of binding Dynafit TLT (since 2000) I was interested in possibility to test the first fully functional binding (out of the superlight competition models) on the market after the patend of Dynafitu was over. Binding G3 Onyx was firstly introduced in March 2009 and after optimalization of some details it became an alternative of Dynafit, especially for freeride. Here, personal experience with G3 Onyx during Ski-touring course for the members of club Hedvábná stezka was excellent in RaxAlpe are presented.

The forest guys at Šiprún

Non-registered skialpinism group from Višňové is trying to identify the proper day for powder snow orgy in Velka Fatra. This day for currents season was identified to be January 29, 2013. Children were sent to kindergarten without any excuses. In the time, when majority of employeers were led directed by their employers, parents succeed to ski in the fantastic snow conditions. Due to current high-end technology one team member had changed clothes to teletubbies and had tried to catch the best moments of powder skiing.

Ski-touring course for the members of club Hedvábná stezka was excellent in RaxAlpe

There was organized the ski-touring course Skialpinistický kurz pro členy Klubu Hedvábná stezka 25. až 27. ledna 2013 in RaxAlpe at the end of January 2013. We have been focused on all aspects for basic and intermediate ski-touring trips in the mountains without glaciers.

Hrom skiing (SD)

Kuchyňské štúdio presents… Malá Fatra

Ski touring trip to Bivaco dela Pause 2780 m just below Monte Castello in the Dolomites

I have participated at Excellent Dynafit Press Event in Italian Dolomites in January 2013 that was located at Rifugio Fanes (2060 m). The goal of the first ski-touring testing trip of all the participantes was Monte Castello up to 2800 m on Friday, January 11.

Testing of new ELAN skis at Ski Parku Gruň on Sunday, Jan 20

Sport shop RUMASPORT from Ostravice had prepared testing of new models of ELAN skis in the ski resort Ski Park Gruň on Sunday, January 20, 2013. There were several tens of poeple interested in testing of new skis ELAN.

Skiing in the powder snow in Malá Fatra in January 2013

On Thursday 17, January 2013, bruder and I went for a powder snow and beautiful weather to Malá Fatra. Mirka and Simona from Višňového joined us in Žilina. We continued to the entrance of the one of the south oriented valleys of Malá Fatra, where we parked our car. Weather was simply excellent in the early morning.

How to lost skis in the Swiss avalanches (Idiots in the avalanche terrain Vol. 2.0)

The task of our 3-person group for the Saturday, January 5th, 2013 was to reach hut Maighelshütte. Followingly we planed to ski on surrouding peaks. We were partially lost during the climb and our delay was approximately 30 minutes. Thus, I was silent at the end, when my colleagues wanted to skin up on the visible trace going through the more steep terrain than proper route going through the more gnetle slope and marked by poles.

Introduction of a new freeride Dynafit BEAST binding in January 2013

There was taken place an interesting Dynafit Beast Event in the Italian Dolomites in January 10–13, 2013, and this event brought us an introduction of the new trendy freeride Dynafit BEAST bindings with breaking strength of DIN 16. So far, only a brief introduction, practical test is going to be available for us in coming days.

Snow - programme Čajovna on radio station Český rozhlas 3

Programme Čajovna on radio station Český rozhlas 3 was focused on everything connected with snow on Sunday January 13, 2013. There were two guests – traveller Martin Mykiska and skialpinist Jan Pala.

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