Go and bury yourself!

Sports Ladies have been looking for new experiences/ac­tivities: a night ski mountaineering, snow burrying & digging out process, the patience of mountain guides & ice climbing.

Pieps company on the Czech market seems to capture the prevailing reluctance of Czech climbing & skiing public to systematic training. Thenfore Pieps company has decided to offer their Pipes search engines to general public with an avalanche introduction training for free.

Powder video from Bosnia & Hercegovina at the beginning of February 2013

During the trip Sun & powder ski week in Bosnia & Herzegovina with travel agency CK Alpina, taken place during the first week in Feb 2013 some of us were equipped all the time with GoPro cameras on helmets or in hands. Luděk Šmerda has nicely edited movie. See it here.

Foggy Smrk (1276 m) in the Beskydy mountains on Saturday, Feb 16

After long negotiations, who is able to or not, who has some appropriate „an excuse“ & who is going to be release by wife, we eventually set off for following skialpinism trip on Saturday 16th. Our group consisted of Mira from Kelč, Mira from Valašské Meziřící & Bruder – the elder for small forest ski trip. Upon arrival in Ostravice and friendly squabble, whether to go to Lysa Hora (1323 m) or check out rather Smrk (1276 m), won the second option.

Several days long testing of prototype of new ski-touring boots Dynafit TLT6

I had participated at Dynafit Press Event that was hold at the hut Rifugio Fanes (2060 m) in the Dolomites in the middle of January 2013. There was a great opportunity to do ski-touring trips in the prototype of new shoes Dynafit TLT6 Performance CR in January 10–13. Except of these shoes I had used skis Dynafit Nanga Parbat and Dynafit Cho Oyu.

Skialpinism trip to Col Bechei de Sora (2794 m) in the Dolomites on Sunday, Jan 13

We had time for skiing only up to 11 a.m. on Sunday, Jan 13, 2013 – during the last day of Dynafit Press Event at Rifugio Fanes (2060 m). We had to leave from the Pederü parkplace to be quite soon back in Prague. Thus, it was enough to have less than half a day was enough for a skialpinism trip to Col Bechei de Sora (2794 m) just above Rifugio Fanes (2060 m). We started in the dark – whole hut was sleeping.

Ski touring trip to Cima Dieci - Zehner Spitze (3026 m) in the Dolomites in January 2013

We have decided for a ski-touring trip to Cima Dieci, resp. Zehner Spitze (3026 m) during Dynafit Press Event at Rifugio Fanes (2060 m) in January 12, 2013. The weather was excellent and the trip really fantastic!

A small photoreport from freeride at Jahorina in Bosnia & Herzegovina at the beginning of February 2013

We have spent excellent time skiing and freeriding during the trip Bosna a Hercegovina v zimě s CK Alpina in February 2013. The second part of the ski trip took part in the ski-resort Jahorina. There were a lot of fresh powder snow and we also spent some time with the basic avalanche training.

Sun & powder ski week in Bosnia & Herzegovina with travel agency CK Alpina, taken place during the first week in Feb 2013

We have participated in the winter ski trip called Bosnia & Herzegovina with travel agency CK Alpina in Feb 2–10, 2013. The first two days we spent skiing in the ski resort Bjelašnica & the rest of the week then in Jahorina. Almost every day there was fresh powder, however the visibility of the mountains ridge parts was all the time challenging. Besides of skiing we also focused on basic avalanche training.

Experiences with the avalanche probe G3 240 Speed Tech

During the Lyžařský týden převážně s prašanem a částečně sluncem v Bosně a Hercegovině s CK Alpina první týden v únoru, I decided to take a test on avalanche probe G3 240 Speed Tech presented on the Internet website – Boatpark.cz. It seemed to me very efficient to test following new model probe with the interesting waz of the probe fixation in the working position.

Powder, powder on ski-touring

What's about: that there is indeed a fabulous powder, whether to trust the natives and how many times per week can stick strips.
„Good evening“ Pavel said to phone. It is 00:15 a.m.. „So, we are here standing in the front of your hut“. We did not make nice first contact at Bosrockhütte. Sleepy Herr Salfinger looks, that he shows us middlefinger. For a luck, Nikola arouses sympathy as she is going with us only from time to time. So that, she does not know, that a punk skialpinist MUST be equipped with sleeping bag, headlamp and pocket tent.

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